Monday, November 30, 2009

I hate Bruce Arians open thread

Since a lot of Bruce Arians hate has been floating around the G-status today, I thought we could pool our efforts here for posterity reasons. I'll go first:

Bruce Arians borrowed your car and gave it back with the gas light on.

Bruce Arians promised to bring the tap for the keg, then came late to the party and told you he forgot it.

Bruce Arians ate your leftover lo mein, the one that you were so psyched to eat late night.

God I hate you Bruce Arians.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Yo dudes!

Been a while. Some stuff has happened since the Jeff Reed photoshop (paintshop):

Jam makes nationals.
Drew (Madcow) makes nationals.
Steelers look kind of better.
Penguins rock losers.
Mary dogsits.
Trout barks and stuff.

Definitely a lot of work to do after regionals, gotta throw up some solid W's! Still, if I had to break down the seeding it would probably go something like this:

1-something: Some dudes who think they run the show
#semi-high: JAM bros
#middle-something: mediocre blah
#underanked: Madcow and Drewpa!

I think this seeding is a highly accurate reflection of what the teams to watch are. In other non-ultimate related news, I got to check out fleet week in SF at a roof top party. The show was cancelled due to fog, but the rooftop was great, although it seemed like everyone was about a decade older than me. So, t-minus one decade til I get a rooftop of my own.

I got some new music for the first time in a while. New albums include Jay-Z, Mos Def, and Raekwon. Probably after listening to each album 9 times at work, Mos Def is probably my favorite, just cause I am a sucker for his rapping and madlib-like beats (it's also really really good work music). Favorite tracks are the auditorium and quiet dog bites hard. It's softer and less catchy than black on both sides, but more put together than the new danger.

Raekwon put it down! The sequel is solid, and its chock full of crime storytelling. Black Mozart and the Raekwon-Ghost-Meth tracks are great. The best Wu stuff to come out in a while... I think the only one I didn't hear was Cappadonna, but he's not a super official member anyways. Another must download!

Jay-Z made it on to my Jam workout mix, and JS was the only one I could hear singing along. The album is solid, probably not as good as American Gangster... and whatever sound he has decided to make as his inbetween lines sound (most prominent on DOA and Reminder) wears off quick. Still, it's good.

Alright, that's the end. That was way too long for my attention span.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Maybe a little childish but...


Monday, August 17, 2009


No internet at the house yet, so gonna throw something up while I am at work here...

Pretty entertaining twitter from Jam's weekend at ECC where we played 3 days with anywhere between 11 and 14 guys. Usually 12.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Yo dudes!

I think it's like halfway through summer, but I think after Tahoe this weekend I might declare it officially over. Nationals, Middle-of-PA-cabin, Cal States, Poultry Days, Mike in Palo Alto, Find a House, Katica Cabin, Potlatch, House Boat, and JAM Tahoe next weekend and I am spent. Can't wait for a weekend where I sleep in something that isn't my sleeping bag. Somewhere in there I got LEED Accredited and started an internship.

LEED totally sucked, but glad I got it in before the upgrade to the super hard test. I think I have to do some renewal testy thing, but nothing as hard as the first. There's gotta be a better way, which I feel like is a common theme with all things LEED (check the archives bro!). Turns out I really didn't know that much about LEED when I was taking that class two years ago and trying to be super critical of it. Not that I have any more respect for it now, heard the nightmare jobs with miles of paperwork associated and very hard to deal with subs to get the odd work done. The internship has been hard work, but they are limiting my hours now. Not sure how employment is gonna shape up once this internship ends.

Finally finished the wire this past weekend and that was a relief. The last season is definitely draining, I felt like I just needed a season of closure for everything that happened, and it just seemed to get crazier. Highly recommended.

I think I was also going to post to discuss the poultry days vs. potlatch deal. I think I am very biased towards pdays cause it has kind of become my tournament to organize, but I will run some pro-cons.

PDays Pros - Much better nights, not too hot, the goddamn awesome chicken readily avaible, stellar campsite, fun townies, sweet east coast duders, ice sold at the fields, meals at the fields, carnie rides, giant crushed ice mt. dews (highly elusive the past two years), none of that after game crap, and no force fed parties that suck.

PDays Cons - Hard to get to (but thats kind of fun once you get there), and that creepy kid who took us to the pens game, lack of monorail taking me to carnival, have to drive to fields usually.

Potlatch Pros - Better competition, more teams (might not be a good thing), JAMBOX was highly organized, 3 days, GDGFK was very fun to play with, the Katica cabin, sweet breakfast place with great coffee, the creek next to the fields.

Potlatch Cons - desert like climate (super hot days super cold nights), mars-like sense of isolation, terrible (note: TERRRRRRRIBLE) party, 3 days, stealing my 4th of july cookouts.

And finally, to say my peace about Dave's recent career move. All I'm gonna say is that Heath Miller's seat at the Mission Steeler Nation was all ready to go. Sunday Ticket ordered. Pub fries, special guac dip, and dog with steeler cape. Have fun watching that shit in the mall bar next to the dude who uses his "steeler pride" to get chicks, the bandwagon jerkoffs and some chick who asks you "who's that korean guy on the steelers??"

Aw, D.C. is alright. Very good for bad hangovers, disc golf fun, and defending Jake from chicks who don't want to him to hook up with their friend. Hopefully I'll make it there for the next brodeo.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Friday, May 29, 2009

Moving On...

Well I was able to come out of nationals with only soul-crushing disappointment and a smashed up heel (just in time for tryouts). Anyways, AFTER nationals was great. Awesome cabin near Ohiopyle thanks to Jakey's negotiating skills, great bbq thanks to Dave's dad, and intense games of chess followed by a fishing session too intense for the fish. These fish, along with the fish lining the Japanese coast, obviously tore each other to shreds in a pheromone-induced frenzy from POWERBAIT's 100% garaunteed most advanced technology. This I believe was the main reason for our lack of hooked fish. Still, we crushed southern PA fishing in our own way. RIP trout of the Ohiopyle.

Dave is looking aggressively for jobs in DC (more like douchey craphole), and Andy is talking about moving to MD too. This is just plain dumb. Please refer to my self-help guide on choosing a new location outside of Pittsburgh:

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Playoff Beard Finale!

We won!

Time to follow up that playoff series extravaganza with a sweep of college nationals so I can make another collage with Mom. Anyways, graduation is coming, I somehow got a job despite economic apocalypse, and I have some pretty major presentations. One of these has $2k on the line and is in front of a panel of professional judges. Promised the group I'd shave... so here is the last gasp of the beard:

Getting better. Definitely a very annoying amount of facial hair. It's been over a month, and now it is annoying to drink and eat stuff as it gets all over the hair. Let's compare to last year:

Huh. Dunno. It feels a lot fuller. Mind you, this guy up top went into the end of the Eastern Conference Finals. Let's check the sides.

Ok, definitely some improvement there. I can't figure out why blogger won't let me do side by side photos. Oh well. Still the dent though. Let's make like Jesus and turn the other cheek.

Well hey! Very solid. Absolutely in the chin and goatee areas. Farewell 2009 playoff beard. And remember Pens, anything is possible, just like KG said in that disney movie... I mean, NBA finals.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Playoff Beard Update

I totally forgot about the playoff beard update! Here it is, and I am eating a bacon sando to make it real hardcore and/or trendy.

Whoops! Wrong photo. Looks like someone got the swine flu! Ha! You can also see 5725 Phillips back there!

Awesome. I don't want to say anything about today's game as it is going on now and I don't wanna jinx nuthin. Go Pens!

Kickin Tires, Lightin Fires

Showed up on the fields in Corvallis on friday morning for a day before practice. The last time I had done a practice at the tournament location was Worlds 2006... I like it, really gets everyone focused and familiar with the surroundings. Practice was solid, hip was shaky but better than practice earlier in the week. Highlights included throwing a bomb to Joel and putting my butt in Albert's face. Non-highlights included the longest and dumbest warm up jog ever. But then we got pizza buffet. Saw the wolverine movie (kind of sucked, also the place had no icees), and discussed the role of fluffers (still unclear). Then a group of four of us played 3-par golf and it half sucked and half ruled and not as easy as the driving range. The weather was awesome.

Saturday came and the weather was shit. This was good news, as we had all our weekday practices pretty much in the ocean. So we romped through victoria and utah, I got beat deep twice bad and was pretty pissed about that. Had a short break and then came UBC. We traded for a little, they were shredding our zone, and then we went ratched off a run, and then the wind picked up. After that they were toast, and we coasted into semis. At the end of the game a hard rain started with major winds. This was good.

We had looked at UW's final at Centex against Colorado and they struggled hard. I think at 2-2 in the semis was when we broke upwind, and got the downwinder a little later, then broke twice more before half... I think it was 8-5 or 8-4. We ran away with it in the second, and were totally psyched.

Had an icebath saturday night and did not realize how hard those things suck. Right before I got in I realized how hard it is to get into the cold ocean, but by that point my feet were in and I was already crying. It worked pretty well though. The Pens lost and turns out Dutchy is a caps fan, which only makes sense as he is a Patriots fan. Hmmm... sounds like he just likes douchey teams which goes well with his douche shake that he drinks every night.

Stanford game. Blech. Offense wasn't there, dropped throws, crappy decisions... Got a lot of breaks, but so did they. They played very well and have a pretty conservative offense based on the handlers.

On to the other game! We had just lost on UP, it was much less windy, and UW was talking about how they are gonna take this one from us. We start out in zone, and they are dropping the disc, and we go up 5-0. After that we didn't really look back. Got two more breaks in the second half and they were done... something like two garbage breaks at the end after we dropped a couple and didn't play d. Pretty badass ending when I throw the huck for the goal to Dylan, it's called back on a pick, then just throw the same huck to Joel for the win. Wes breaks out the cigars.

Awesome. Definitely a long, and now very rewarding season... I think we can win some quality games and play with nothing to lose. Go duders.

A poor blog post title you say?

Think again!

Monday, May 4, 2009



Sunday, April 12, 2009

Just for Jamo...

Another picture of myself! Bam! Well Jamo, there's about 5 pictures from my entire playing career pre-Cal, so having Choon and others snapping photos rules. Sectionals is next week, and we will have some very tough games with Davis, Santa Cruz, Stanford, and LPC all there. Hopefully things will click and we can carry momentum into Regionals because the NW is slamming this year! Got to practice with Revolver yesterday, which has allowed me to get one step closer to learning all that I can about Joel's intimate life. Gonna try and make the Jam tryouts in a couple of weeks.

The job market seems to not be getting better at all, and the opportunity of working for a start up while starting on a PhD sounds like a pretty good deal right now. I am excited for the start up as I'll be able to get to do everything where I wouldn't be able to working for a large firm or as an entry level somewhere. Not exciting is the lack of money. I'm sure things will work out.

Nicely coinciding with the college series is the NHL playoffs! And well, well! Welcome back Scotty! The PA state championship is on, and the Flyers made sure to screw up just enough to give us home ice, which worked out very well for us last year when we had it. I think if Staal's line produces, and Sykora and Geno start clicking like last years postseason, things will go well and we can go very deep. This also marks the start of another playoff beard. Here are some ground rules:
  • I will shave in extraordinary circumstances (aka job interview, which isn't very likely anymore).
  • Alterations are ok, but I'm not really into them. Not really applicable, I just didn't want to only have one bullet cause I couldn't think of any other rules. In this way, this playoff beard contest is comparable to a no-rules wwf steel cage match with one rule.
Are any other duders down for it (don't puss out here Andy). Here is the initial shot:

Donezo. You can check out last year's results here. I will probs shave Wednesday before the first game begins. Hopefully soon I can coordinate with Jamo to drink it up and watch some playoff hockey.

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

In Remembram

Right before his departure for a cruise to different countries prime for military coups, Joe left me with some directions for his legacy:
Joe: i just wanted to say it was a pleasure knowing you, if I get kidnapped in columbia
Joe: tell the others
Joe: tell my story
Well, I am going to preemptively get this done. A collage of all of our favorite Joe friendship moments:

We will miss you. You and your affinity for short, tight, golf shorts.

We will never forget your wacky on-field antics and groundbreaking ultimate methods.

I think k2 likes this photo a lot, so this one is more for him than actually remembering Joe.

This one is way awkward. Sometimes you really blow the photo.

Blogger won't let me get out of italics. So in other news, Centex and spring break were definitely good times. The team carried a bunch of momentum out of the last 4 games of the weekend after starting out a little poorly. As 5 of the top 13 teams in the UPA rankings are in the Northwest, regionals is going to be a battle. We have the ability to beat anyone for sure, stringing together 2-3 of those victories is going to be very tough.

Other news blurbs include signing up for LEED exam, actively going to my first PT sessions for my knee, and st. patrick's day being fun. Once again I apologize for the continued italics, but I blame Zhi and his division.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Fight the Drought

So these past few weeks in the Bay has seen a solid amount of rain, more than I've seen since I moved here in July. Some kid in one of my groups from MIT and France said "So, is the drought over?" Sorry buddy, nice try. Up top is Lake Shasta, which was formed by Shasta Dam which was constructed in the 50s or 60s as part of the Bureau of Reclamation's massive efforts to irrigate the entire western United States with a congress that would approve any water project. That's the lake in 2006. Mary and I drove over it 2 days ago, and it looked like this:

So it is going to be a long time until we are out of this drought, which is pretty consistent with other things I've seen in CA. We played disc golf in December at some reservoir south of San Francisco, and the thing was about 1/8 full compared to what the people I was playing with said it had been about 2 years ago. Water conservation is constantly in your face out here, where it was pretty uncommon to hear about in Pittsburgh or the Pacific Northwest, where we were this past weekend. I just finished reading Cadillac Desert which is a pretty good read, and talked about how droughts ran in cycles of about every decade or so, with varying intensity. And then there is the ever looming 500 year catastrophic drought (think Dust Bowl).

When I was discussing how much water is used in the CA agriculture industry with another group, someone said "They'll keep finding more water." That water is going to be more and more expensive, energy intensive, and always an escalating environmental impact as we go to greater lengths to get it. Also, we don't have the money anymore in a trillion dollar national debt (much of it coming from previous water projects), with CA being in an "economic state of emergency."

Also, Mt. Shasta looks like the Earth's crust got a boner. It comes out of nowhere at an intense grade.

Either way, I think I am gonna start booking an emergency flight to Portland every month in case all of the southwest U.S. turns into quicksand suddenly. In other, lighter rain info:

Riding your bike, downhill, in the rain is awful. Much like running into a monsoon I think. Everything gets soaked. Comparable experiences are playing a tournament in lots of rain, and being on a ski lift in tons of rain. There is no escape from the wetness. Some essentials: wearing shorts under your pants provides a nice layer of comfort from the complete soakage... and gloves, probably gloves would be good. Putting your raincoat hood under your helmet is pretty solid as well.

Also, golf umbrellas are for golf courses, with like 50 people in 5 acres, not for tiny asian girls on the sidewalk. Even on the biggest sidewalk in Berkeley, two of you will be walking side by side with these and no one can get around you. And you walk slow, to avoid any rain blowing underneath your portable tent. And you cannot hear me say "excuse me" because you are too busy telling a bad story about the rain one time in a much too loud voice. GOD DAMMIT BE REASONABLE! And then there is the incredibly risky blow by, where if you bump the umbrella or said asian is startled, you are gonna get dumped on.

Yes, these size umbrellas keep you dry, but don't be an asshole and just get a little wet on the way to work/class just like everyone else. Don't be the jerk walking in 5 minutes late, shaking off your umbrella, commenting how everyone looks soaked. Done venting! Go Pens!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Ala k2, I had this dream on Friday night that was pretty rocking, so I think I will post it. I am pretty surprised I still remember it today, but not as much detail as a k2 summary.

I'm trying to negotiate a job offer with some construction contractor, and instead of being in a room we are in an indoor track facility. Dutchy is the boss, and he hands me this sheet with the offer. $70k. Sounds good to me. I am pretty excited and settle in for some work with Dutchy in some room. Eventually I'm back at the track with Ryo, who also works there, and we start getting prepped for a decathlon with a lady secretary taking notes.

The Funnies

This show is definitely funny:

Pretty happy comedy central has something else for me to watch now besides southpark, scrubs reruns, and the occasional daily show/colbert. I was actually thinking the other day how when Colbert first came out ('04?) how I was annoyed by it, and couldn't take the straight 20 minutes of sarcasm, but I think I like it more than the daily show now. Either the show has let up a little or sarcasm ages like a fine wine. I don't know if that metaphor works in this case.

Also, not to turn this thing into flightblog, but the flight of the conchords from 2 weeks ago was really, really good. Probably my favorite since Bowie. I didn't think they could do more with the Australian stuff... but boy that was not the case! Am I right?? Am I right?? Heyo!

The other night while watching the Oscars Mary signed up for Netflix. When you had to rank whatever shows and dvds to figure out what they would recommended for you Mary gave some awful rankings. She gave Futurama 2 stars (pushing for only 1) which is equivalent to "I don't like it" in Netflix lingo. This was predictable, as she doesn't like cartoons and poo-poos such things, which sucks for her. But the 2 star ranking of Chappelle's Show was pretty fucking offensive, if I do say so myself. The greatest show of our time? I'm sure, but no prob just slap on a 2-star-why-isn't-biggest-loser-on-this-thing ranking.

I am sure she has given both shows very little chances (probably a holdover of dorm-bitterness from freshman year or her constant "I don't think I will let my children watch much TV"). Netflix, sensing her hate of fun, spat her back recommendations that were restricted to romantic comedies and animal/kid sports movies (air-bud, angels in the outfield 2). Her post-oscars and Slumdog Millionaire viewing euphoria was also crushed the next night when she watched the first 5 minutes of No Country for Old Men.

The superbowl dvd comes out this week! Hopefully tomorrow so we can have a viewing party this week! Jamo's house! Leave your Ray Lewis jersey in the oven!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Number Ten Returns

Yeah! Down from number 20 since the original number 10 on Cal quit. Number 5 is unattainable, and now that Santonio has made number 10 MVP cool, I'll go to my fall back number.

We went undefeated at Pres Day this past weekend, but haven't played anyone super famous yet. UNT were impressive, they ran quick movement from the front of a stack offense till they could hit one of the their big guys on a huck or get a run on the break side. Greg Moy spent the tournament showing off for his parents. Joel's mom made unimaginably big meals both Saturday and Sunday night that made some suspicious. Then things got silly.

Ha! Ha Ha! Well, what a weekend.

has a stellar list of teams this year, and will be a great opportunity for us to ball out. In other news, Jamo has a one track mind, and is completely inflexible about everything.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Flight Season 2

I think the first two episodes were a little slow for me, but rewatching the second episode with Steveo reminded me how much better this show seems with other people. Episodes 3 and 4 have been pretty solid...

...That being said, in the last song of this new episode they are sitting at a bar, and you can totally see a Victory tap! I think it was Prima Pils.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Friday, February 6, 2009


Step 1: Sign Autographs.
Step 2: Eat tiny girls.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

"Watch the hold! Watch the hold!"

If any of you dudes have paid close attention to the Super Bowl XL DVD... there is this one dude in so many shots that is just like "WOOOOOO" or doing some dance, or famously "Watch the hold" which was his only actual words in the dvd. I called this dude the hype guy. He didn't have a headset, I am unsure what his role was. But look at him now:

Oh yeah, that's him on the far left. And he's got a head set. You and me, hype guy, we are moving up.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

A Ring for the Thing

Yessir! Minds were blown. Hands were high fived. Asian girls were tackled. Wings were delicious. And bathrooms were wrecked.

Harrison's interception was by far the most unfathomable punch in the kiester that has ever been administered in history. Even though there was a second half, that shit was nutso. Yes, there was a game winning drive with a mind bending grab... but a linebacker to make an filthy interception and have a whole defense block to take it 100 yards as time expires?? Yes! And that's why the Asians' beers went everywhere, all over everyones socks.

I really have no desire to complain about endzone offense, Ariands, the running game... what does it matter. It happened. I won the super bowl.

Number ten, it's been a long road of being mistaken for kordell, being told by mom that maybe I should invest in a new jersey, and getting caught with pot. But boy oh boy, what a postseason... I think definitely he showed absolutely more improvement than any other player in the playoffs, maybe the playoff MVP. Certainly deserving of the super bowl MVP.

Not to forget Ben, and Jamo and I had said many times that there's no one else we'd rather have. How sucky would it be to have a Kerry Collins? Could any other quarterback taken us this far with this offensive line? What a baller.

And let's not forget the party food MVP. Maybe? I didn't eat it, I think I just wanted to post this pic.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Suck it Coors Light Commercial

SB's for all

Well well. This friday I'll be heading to Pittsburgh to watch the game with some duders and drink in the steelergasm that will hopefully be going steady from the minute I touch down to the minute I leave. Cal also took home the Santa Barbara Invite title this weekend with some convincing wins.

Author's recreation of tournament events.

We struggled for two of our games, but when we were careful about our turnovers on the d-line, we really rolled. Our o-line played well enough. I thought we had a pretty solid use of the entire team, seeing a lot of freshman play in the semis and finals. Personally, I felt like I was feeling more comfortable as the tournament went on, and maybe the team is still figuring out how I can be helpful. It was nice to feel like I was contributing more. Also, I learned it's totally possible to be the only non-asain in a car! And they like the same kinds of things I do, all the way down to sour patch kids!

FYI, Hines Ward has a hurt knee but plans to play.

In other super bowl viewing news all signs point to Dave's house where we will be showered with golden bacon infused super drink.

Super bowl prediction: Andy goes o-fer in halftime beer pong and panics that his poor play will be a reflection of how the Steelers perform in the second half.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Immediate Ravens Fallout

Not to say that Steelers don't have their fair share of idiots (scan for idiot steeler fans here). But here's some immediate reactions from ravens fans at the ESPN AFC North blogs:

Josh Williams from Owings Mills writes: I'm calling for Flaccos head. He played like junk this post season. His stats this season are comparable to Bollers his 1st two seasons, and boller didnt have a derrick mason or mark clayton at the time. Joe also had a more consistent rushing game during his rookie post season run. I'm scared Flacco is going to end up like Boller down the stretch, lets get rid of him now before its too late.
Where's your uni-support now you fair weathered dicks? Alright, I feel sick as death I'm going home where I'm gonna go snuggle with my Randle El jersey and sleep.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Crushing Break Right: A Photo Essay (Pt. 2)

So the next morning we hit the road. Two bros on a quest.

We rocked our way up to Ktopia, and immediately had some teary eyed reunions. One with pabst light, the other with CKG.

Well CKG maintained my attention for a short period of time, cause it was time to build a fire. The chainsaw was rocking, Joey shows up, and we toasted Les Stroud as another successful fire was started. All precautions were made to make sure our outdoor attire was correct. Because out in the wild, if you sweat, you die.

The next thing I really remember after the bacon wrapped dates was the first power hour, where the power hour machine was once again turning heads. For details, you'll have to email me about it, cause that shit is copyrighted. Much like wine bag game. More on that below.

For some, it was far too much.

For other duders, it was time to rock.

Before I continue, a side note about wine bag game. I am thrilled that something I came up with received more play time than the wii I think. This, I did not realize, was a double edged sword for myself. I lost interest pretty quickly after one game. I've thought about this, and I think that maybe I am not ready to sit and drink wine at a place with so much to do for so long. If I was in a family reunion or something, I'd totally be down for 3 games in a row.

I stopped taking photos around now, so I will throw in a few from other people that were there that I feel will accurately summarize the next day/night. I think after this point my small cold mixed with the dust and the activities and then my boogers turned to dust. No matter, I don't need good boogers to make a great fire. This time we got everyone to collect like 9,000 pounds of wood, so we were ready to rage.

Stucadia and Christo showed up, I rocked some losers in beer pong, and another power hour came and went. Night came, and I was definitely cooler than anyone else cause I had a head lamp.

Then some legendary stuff happened. I'll give you two nouns: quesidilla, buttcrack. I'm sure if you insert those into a madlib your story might be pretty accurate. Things became pretty fuzzy after that.

So that pretty much rounds up the highlights of another sweet Ktopia. I left sick, but stopping the holiday break rage was not an option. On to D.C. where it was time to get wild with an old flame: Jake the Snake. We met up with Danlee (yes?) and started drinking in a mall at an all old-people's dave n buster's. Yeah, there wasn't even the promise of beating up on little kids. Then we headed downtown, where Jake assured me things would be prime for action. Yup, sure was. Zero hookups for Jake and one close call with a latino ready to throwdown. But we did take some great pictures with their cameras! I should've facebooked them.

Next day I was pretty hungover and definitely still sick, as somehow I didn't magically get better. Went to the slowest kabob place on earth, and then met up with Jake again for disc golf. What started at first as a fun time with a swell disc golf guide (a dude randomly joined us) got annoying near the end as I everything I ever knew about disc golf was restated to me. Christ. Had a crappy meal at dave n busters and watched some football. The Cardinals were ballin, and Marmalard ended Dungy's career.

That night we headed out with some new people and went 3/3 on bars that were Irishy themed (dave n busters was actually called Baileys). Also we got in a cab with karaoke! I think I am on youtube somewhere! Search for "chinese guy cab karaoke", and I'm sure you will find me and joe and jake singing "livin on a prayer."

After a pretty lazy Sunday, I left Monday, and thus ended a totally awesome break. Minus getting sick. But that was worth it and bound to happen. Alright!