Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The Funnies

This show is definitely funny:

Pretty happy comedy central has something else for me to watch now besides southpark, scrubs reruns, and the occasional daily show/colbert. I was actually thinking the other day how when Colbert first came out ('04?) how I was annoyed by it, and couldn't take the straight 20 minutes of sarcasm, but I think I like it more than the daily show now. Either the show has let up a little or sarcasm ages like a fine wine. I don't know if that metaphor works in this case.

Also, not to turn this thing into flightblog, but the flight of the conchords from 2 weeks ago was really, really good. Probably my favorite since Bowie. I didn't think they could do more with the Australian stuff... but boy that was not the case! Am I right?? Am I right?? Heyo!

The other night while watching the Oscars Mary signed up for Netflix. When you had to rank whatever shows and dvds to figure out what they would recommended for you Mary gave some awful rankings. She gave Futurama 2 stars (pushing for only 1) which is equivalent to "I don't like it" in Netflix lingo. This was predictable, as she doesn't like cartoons and poo-poos such things, which sucks for her. But the 2 star ranking of Chappelle's Show was pretty fucking offensive, if I do say so myself. The greatest show of our time? I'm sure, but no prob just slap on a 2-star-why-isn't-biggest-loser-on-this-thing ranking.

I am sure she has given both shows very little chances (probably a holdover of dorm-bitterness from freshman year or her constant "I don't think I will let my children watch much TV"). Netflix, sensing her hate of fun, spat her back recommendations that were restricted to romantic comedies and animal/kid sports movies (air-bud, angels in the outfield 2). Her post-oscars and Slumdog Millionaire viewing euphoria was also crushed the next night when she watched the first 5 minutes of No Country for Old Men.

The superbowl dvd comes out this week! Hopefully tomorrow so we can have a viewing party this week! Jamo's house! Leave your Ray Lewis jersey in the oven!

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