Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Yo dudes!

I think it's like halfway through summer, but I think after Tahoe this weekend I might declare it officially over. Nationals, Middle-of-PA-cabin, Cal States, Poultry Days, Mike in Palo Alto, Find a House, Katica Cabin, Potlatch, House Boat, and JAM Tahoe next weekend and I am spent. Can't wait for a weekend where I sleep in something that isn't my sleeping bag. Somewhere in there I got LEED Accredited and started an internship.

LEED totally sucked, but glad I got it in before the upgrade to the super hard test. I think I have to do some renewal testy thing, but nothing as hard as the first. There's gotta be a better way, which I feel like is a common theme with all things LEED (check the archives bro!). Turns out I really didn't know that much about LEED when I was taking that class two years ago and trying to be super critical of it. Not that I have any more respect for it now, heard the nightmare jobs with miles of paperwork associated and very hard to deal with subs to get the odd work done. The internship has been hard work, but they are limiting my hours now. Not sure how employment is gonna shape up once this internship ends.

Finally finished the wire this past weekend and that was a relief. The last season is definitely draining, I felt like I just needed a season of closure for everything that happened, and it just seemed to get crazier. Highly recommended.

I think I was also going to post to discuss the poultry days vs. potlatch deal. I think I am very biased towards pdays cause it has kind of become my tournament to organize, but I will run some pro-cons.

PDays Pros - Much better nights, not too hot, the goddamn awesome chicken readily avaible, stellar campsite, fun townies, sweet east coast duders, ice sold at the fields, meals at the fields, carnie rides, giant crushed ice mt. dews (highly elusive the past two years), none of that after game crap, and no force fed parties that suck.

PDays Cons - Hard to get to (but thats kind of fun once you get there), and that creepy kid who took us to the pens game, lack of monorail taking me to carnival, have to drive to fields usually.

Potlatch Pros - Better competition, more teams (might not be a good thing), JAMBOX was highly organized, 3 days, GDGFK was very fun to play with, the Katica cabin, sweet breakfast place with great coffee, the creek next to the fields.

Potlatch Cons - desert like climate (super hot days super cold nights), mars-like sense of isolation, terrible (note: TERRRRRRRIBLE) party, 3 days, stealing my 4th of july cookouts.

And finally, to say my peace about Dave's recent career move. All I'm gonna say is that Heath Miller's seat at the Mission Steeler Nation was all ready to go. Sunday Ticket ordered. Pub fries, special guac dip, and dog with steeler cape. Have fun watching that shit in the mall bar next to the dude who uses his "steeler pride" to get chicks, the bandwagon jerkoffs and some chick who asks you "who's that korean guy on the steelers??"

Aw, D.C. is alright. Very good for bad hangovers, disc golf fun, and defending Jake from chicks who don't want to him to hook up with their friend. Hopefully I'll make it there for the next brodeo.