Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Good Times

Went to the game last night, watched one man dominate, then woke up to this:

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Twitter Revolution



Monday, December 20, 2010

Fantasy Hockey Heats Up

Ho boy. Hopefully there is a mid-season-3-way-deathmatch on the schedule.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Duders on Reader

Definitely getting eliminated from the "Duders" category on reader:
  • China (Bird)
  • Confessions of a Jagoff (Kwiatfartski)
  • Where in the World (Lucy and Tubs, ended their year trip)
  • Sideline Reporting (learn about the struggles of an American in the Puerto Rican bball leagues)
  • Sweet Pea (D Hurd)
  • Mike Tomlin is Omar Epps (Jamo confessed to never posting again)
Close to getting eliminated:
  • Mostly Here (Deuce what happened??)
  • Figma Cau
  • culinary calisthenics. (obnoxious period in title not helping)
  • The Record Record
Making a recent comeback:
  • Next to CNN
  • I lubb me some books
Staying strong:
  • I'd Rather Die (killing it)
  • General Tso's Kangaroo
  • Mental Drippings
  • Egege
  • LouisaHodge - Twitter (also killing it)
Forever in the hall of fame:
  • Pong Night Diaries

Sunday, December 5, 2010


Knew this was coming eventually. In my inbox:

Dear LEED Credentialed Professional, In June 2009, with the arrival of LEED version 3, the USGBC introduced a Credential Maintenance Program for LEED Accredited Professionals & Green Associates. As a result your LEED Credential may need attention if you enrolled for GBCI prescriptive maintenance. We know how hard it was to get your accreditation and we want to offer you some options to maintain your AP credentials and remain current and viable. With this objective in mind, The Green Building Research Institute (GBRI) will be offering a series of webinars throughout 2011 to meet the 15-30 Hour LEED CMP requirement. Our first course will focus on sustainability around the world and provide an in-depth examination of the new requirements and CMP enrollment options available to LEED APs.


Friday, December 3, 2010

The Last Airbender: Live Blog

What's up everyone! This will probably be one of the last times in my career where I can be unemployed and liveblogging a viewing of M. Night Shyamalan's masterpiece: "The Last Airbender."

1:00 - Ooooo snazzy plot! Telekinesis matched with a captain planet theme! This has hope!

2:00 - I am pretty sure this is going to be awful.

18:00 - Just realized it is the dude who was the main character in Slumdog Millionaire.

21:00 - Uh oh, all the airbender's family is dead. Might have to fastforward through drawn out tears.

21:30 - I am pretty sure this was made for 7 year olds. I have made this mistake before.

22:30 - I am pretty sure the airbender is too young for the ice chick, but we'll see.

23:00 - I think I messed up my VLC a little.

29:00 - This has some "Free Tibet" undertones.

31:00 - This was probably really funny to film cause everyone does really stupid movements without the effects. Also, this movie is really terrible.

33:00 - Now catholic undertones. The avatar cannot have a family, which I assume is sex too. Tough break. There must be a history of avatar-child relation coverups.

38:00 - I just awkwardly learned the history of the exiled prince. It's kinda like the story of killer from Half Baked. There is only one beer left...

40:00 - Oh wow they sleep in sleep sacks, like they give you in hostels. I am guessing they bend the rain if they get rained on, or the spirit world dries them if they get wet and cold.

43:20 - Avatar high priest sells him out! Avatar captured! I am thinking about inviting the dude from NewJackCity over to join the live blog. Def a chill bro.

43:38 - Gonna need more than 2 guards to hold down the Avatar! Child grunting ensues. Bad fight scene. They should just splice in DBZ fight scenes, probably would work out and not confuse the audience.

57:30 - Dave says this movie is definitely way better in 3D. Mary called and is hanging out on Valencia, which sounds way better than this. I definitely will not start up this live blog again, and will probably watch the end some other time when I am pinned with either this movie or burning myself with a hot iron.

Friday, November 12, 2010


Had a rocking time in the far west/far east this past week. I think we planned a million hikes and activities and life just became a series of beaches. Our fav was definitely Hanalei Bay, which had a huuuuge long beach, warm waters, but not really good snorkeling. Poi'pu had the best snorkeling, but was the most crowded beach. Checked out a fish that looked like a neon sign. Mary's iPad really dominated the vacation, and made my kindle look dumb. Heard Chris Brown a million times out there, thought the second verse belonged to Drake but was wrong... guess that is the song of the vacay. Not sure if that is unfortunate or not.

Next up is the great Oregon adventure with Dave, then to Tacoma for Thanksgiving, then Pittsburgh/Boston/DC/Pittsburgh.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween Biz

Oh man didn't see this till just now, but Mary wins at Giardano's and now is featured in YLDS! Check the 8:40 for the start.

Snow Vidz

Well hole E shit. Gigantes son increibles. I am covered in champagne. But wanted to show you bros my fav part from Absinthe's Nowhere.

The street stuff is also actually killer, and I'm usually not very entertained by that stuff.

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Boyz II Mendenhall WINNER!

Listen everybody. I said to fire him 3 years ago. This guy has done nothing but ride the coattails of mike and dick.

Anyways, let's take some positives away in the form of an incredible Steelers costume:

Someday Bruce will be gone, and we can yell at someone else. But until then, focus your hate on Bruce. And referees.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Nickname Question

So I noticed in the latest Yinz Luv Da Stillers episode that he had given Emmanuel "Crazy 88" Sanders the nickname "DeMANuel". I am a big fan of Jim and wish he would post a new Guins episode, but I am wondering if this DeMANuel is better than my "Oh come oh come" sung everytime #88 makes something happen. Acadia heard me do my thing last Sunday, so you can ask her for a rendition. Wutchu think bros?

Thursday, October 21, 2010

If it's me... It's gotta be Chase Utley

Been having a great watching duders make it happen. Been great. Like baseball matters again. Also been making fun of Chase Utley a lot, thought I should make sure people know what to reference when I do this.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Freddy's Alright

And that's why he has a fan club.

A Good One

Painful throughout the whole thing.

For time:

50 thursters (20 lbs)

5 pull ups

5 push ups

5 leg raises

40 thrusters (20 lbs)

10 pull ups

10 push ups

10 leg raises

30 thrusters (20 lbs)

15 pull ups

15 push ups

15 leg raises

20 thrusters (20 lbs)

20 pull ups

20 push ups

20 leg raises

10 thrusters (20 lbs)

25 pull ups

25 push ups

25 leg raises

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The Greatest of All Time

7:51 AM Joe: i think i left the best comment of my life last night

The comment in question:

Joseph - what do you teach, lame-th grade music?

What say you? A comment.... TO BE REMEMBERED???

Monday, October 11, 2010

Trinity Alps!

Shablammo! Pretty sore, had just a week of biking/rowing/plyos after being in the boot before this stuff. 30 miles, 3 days. Totally rockin.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Monday, September 27, 2010

Boot Last Stand

So about 3.2 days to go (I get it off early Friday morning). I've been cutting back on wearing it and walking around a little without it. Had a few couple mile walks with Mary on Saturday, that went fine. The foot seems to be going more naturally by itself... maybe because I am more confident on it or maybe it's the body doing it. Can't tell.

Since I'm gonna scale back on the vibrams/barefoot to a couple of short runs a week, I got some new running shoes to put on next week, and hopefully wear through whatever marathon I pick out. Tried to identify some thin soled shoes with a low heel drop (vertical distance between heel and ball of foot), and was about to get the minzuno wave 3's, but went with the adidas rocket because a bro at work wears something similar and likes them, and it looks like less of a heel drop. Anyways, I'm psyched to get out running, crossfitting, biking, and thrashing again.

I'll post something from the injury sketchbook soon, per Dave. We will see what the doc says friday but if I have my way the boot is getting sold at Margot's garage sale.

Friday, September 24, 2010


So Weezer is doing back to back shows at the masonic:

1st night: Blue Album + Greatest Hits
2nd night: Pinkerton + Greatest Hits

Which one would you go to? I am not doing both that is just plain crazy. I am leaning blue, but kind of think Pinkerton will be less crowded?

Coming soon: Boot update week 3... 1 week to go!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Getting Deep

Just came back from the premier of this guy (it was in Tahoe first, but they did one in SF too). Really, really good. Completely different than the other biz, gets even dudes stuck in giant plastic boots psyched. Now trying to decide on the length of my board. Gonna be a tough decision cause I've been riding short, and need to go either 157 or 159. Leaning 157.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Boot Week 1 report

Positives: Filling up the sketchbook, watched football, no pain in my foot ever, got in 4 workouts this week, hung out with some bros and developed positive relationships (no doubt bro). Wrote a post and read-up on stress fractures at the Minimalist Runner group. Very helpful dudes wrote back that had stress fractures, said coming back should be fine and not to fret. Can't find my specific post but Vanessa can vouch for me.

Negatives: This boot sucks. Couldn't go out last night cause I was so sick of walking in it, and my foot and leg just gets really tired after a full day of activities. Ripping out my leg hairs somehow (thermos action??). Foot already feeling atrophy I think, squatted last night without the boot to plug something in and my foot almost gave out. I stare longingly when I see skateboarders or runners go by.

One More Positive: Less than 3 weeks!

One More Negative: Pretty much 3 more weeks.

Denny D gon be throwing mad bombs to El today. WHABAM!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Cationary Word

Sup dudes.

So I found out Friday I have a stress fracture in my right foot which has left me in a boot for the next 4 weeks. After discussing this with my doctor this is probably from going pretty hard with the vibrams, barefoot running, and forefoot stride. This type of working out was great for my ankles, knees, glutes, hips, back, core... I was really digging it. Vanessa had told me before from Barefoot Ted's workshop that he had warned about "too much too soon", which makes sense as you are working muscles in a way you have never done in your life before. I thought this was mostly for major long distance runners, but just from the sprinting workouts I did combined with some longer runs and crossfit stuff, it was enough to develop the fracture. The doc told me this occurs over the course of 6-12 months, and I switched to forefoot about 9 months ago. Huge bummer. I know I've told a ton of people how much I liked this style of running, and I do hope to go back to it eventually, but taking it a little slower. So I hope everyone I recommended it to sticks with it but be careful, and don't overdo anything. I was blindsided by this injury, and I hope it doesn't happen to anyone else.

Since I can't really do cardio right now (no access to a pool) I'm gonna start a injury sketchbook, and try and sketch it up as a little replacement hobby for the next 4 weeks.


Friday, September 3, 2010

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

C'mon Gaga. You Look Crazy With That Shit.

C'mon son. Gaga what are you thinking with this video. You know I am a big fan. And this song is kickin', and hopefully sneaks under the radar at upcoming weddings??? Anyways, you don't always have to be batshit crazy.

You know what Mariah would've done with this video? White sandy beaches, maybe some playful spy action storyline, lacy white sheets, fancy undergarments. She keeps it relevant and hot. Case in point.

Gaga let me just point you in the right direction. Even you can shred, and you don't even know it.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

A Book for Middle Schoolers - Review

I accidentally bought this book on Kindle after Carmina recommended a book called Heat. This was not that book, which I figured out 10 chapters into it, as it was super corny. Highly recommended for some 6th grader who likes sports and sportsmanship. Not good for kids who are actually major league prospects, cause those motherfuckers need to forget about books and get back to do doing pushups in the sauna room.

One thing amazing about this book is that he is able to fit the entire usual story book ending stuff in like 5 pages. It's like been suffocated with warm kittens, it's too much too soon. Also, I cannot believe I finished this book. I hope this was helpful to you.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Saw this with Carmina Friday, general consensus "How did that slip by the haters?" Next with Steveo, "Maybe it's ok because they are from SF?" Saw it Monday with Mary got tagged up by haters, and painted over by employees, looked like crafty-design place... harmless, seemed in-line with general broness of the mish. Early this morning they had hired a night security guard to stop the haters out front (which goes against broness), security guard explained to some dude that they were only renting it for TWO MONTHS??


Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Retrying Albums

I'm gonna try and insert a theme into this never-used blog called "Retrying Albums". This is where I try albums over again that I initially was like "WTF" but the album was well received by other dicks. The first in this series is: 8 Diagrams - Wu Tang.

This album had all sorts of weird hype, mostly centering around the fact that RZA had gone super indie with the beats and Ghost and Rae were not feeling it. I remember I listened to it like twice when I first got it fall of senior year ('07), and me and Joe agreed it sucked. Gone forever, despite how much I anticipated everything else Wu Tang did. Not to mention pitchfork was snooty about it.

Well, today I listened to it a few times in a row at work, and it's definitely an enjoyable album. Although the beats aren't something you are gonna be blasting at P-Days, you can pick out some really nice stuff here. The two all-stars on this album to me were GZA and Inspectah Deck, with Raekwon and Ghostface right up there. I think my fav track is windmill, which sounds like the intro to Kill Bill (also produced by RZA).

Other things that are interesting is that I definitely shared this song before anyone else on reader, but no one noticed it. Pots for my kitchen!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Playoff Beard: Round One Recap!

Alright! Sick win! What an awesome, awesome win. So awesome, that I think my beard decided to grow 1 cm in celebration!

In other news, I need a vacation badly, and Yosemite is just on the horizon. Hopefully weather will be solid and we can make it up half dome, and super awesome luck if we get to see the el capitan falls. Very rare indeed. Before that includes tryouts, and Texas Shootout with revolver. The Yosemite trip will start a waterfall of awesomeness that leads to poultry days and hopefully another deep playoff run.

To wrap this brief post up, I give you the obligatory Tommy Blog in geocities form. Not that great. Needs more blink.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Playoff Beard 2010: The Beginning

God help us.

Pens in 3.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Have you ever...

Tried watching a hockey game this time of year and then switching to baseball?

it feels like you've drank 5 red bulls then been told to sit through a lecture on statistical analysis of demographics or something. OR SOMETHING!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Prius Gettin' Fiesty

On my bike to work from the San Mateo station this morning, some bro honks at myself and Tsama to get out of his way so he can get in the 5-minute left turn line to turn onto 101. First of all, we are pretty far over and you can definitely get around unless you are a garbage truck, second of all, get a life dick.

Then I turn around and see it's a PRIUS!!! C'mon jerk! Obvi we are both trying to save the environment, I am just doing a better job than you (pending confirmation caltrain = better than cars). I am not sure whether you are honking out out jealousy or because you only bought that for the tax credit!

Sunday, March 28, 2010


Hey Everyone!

Kilowatt has center ice! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Overheard at...

22nd and Valencia-ish...

T: Look! It's your favorite shop, the one you wish you worked at! The, uh, homemade shit shop.

M: Well, I respect your hobby, your hobby of running around and throwing discs... with a bunch of... bros!

Bro with laundry: Harsh! Well, I hate that shit too... but, that's tough bro.

Thursday, March 11, 2010


Sup dudes -

Lots of updates, I've been screwin' around and haven't posted in a little. Just finished a bacon sando oven-cooked style (via Mary). Let's just get right to it.

NEW BIKE! Got the surly (in black) cross check about a month or two ago, been crushing with it. It's great. Such an upgrade, it's quite a thing to get really excited to ride your bike. Got some toe clip pedals (on the one side, flat on the other), so things are REALLY great while riding. Super, super fast. Beefy tires to avoid the flats, fenders (poorly installed... don't install in the wee hours of the morning) to keep out the rain.

I'm writing this up while watching Gettysburg as I just finished Killer Angels for like the 95th time in my life (could you take Jeff Daniels seriously as your colonel?). Had to reread two super awesome books after the suckiness of the end of the Alvin Maker saga. First, Lord of Light, which is a really, really great book that just went back into paperback print. Highly recommended. Crazy futuristic Hindu/Buddhist religion stuff. The second was Killer Angels, which is the book of books. This bro at dirty thieves last week recommended Shogun to me, have any of you fools checked that out? Now reading Foundation and Earth, which is pretty slow so far with some jerk arguing with some robot chick the whole time. I will give Asimov the benefit of the doubt and hold out.

RANDLE EL! Holy shit!!!!!! How many times has this ever happened? 1. Griffey 2. Michael Jordan (which doesn't really count) 3..... Pee Wee Herman? Anyways, bros are psyched, and I am ready to rock my new surprise (supplies!) away jersey!

Unreal. But with the mega-awesome comes the terrible. WTF. Don't worry, the guy packing my bag up at the IGA, who saw my beanie told me it's gonna be alright.

Buford is killing it! Beautiful ground!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Spy Bro

So on bike from home to the train station today, I went my usual secret passage route inbetween the best buy and the home of trout. Right around there are usually, well I don't want to say "bum", but there are some raggedy bros hanging out here, hoping that Sports Basement throws away a snowboard or something. Anyways this one dude today is crouched on the corner, cig in one hand, and BINOCULARS in the other held up his eyes! In a total sneak attack pose. I thought he was scoping me hard but realized he was completely fixated on the best buy entrance. This dude meant business. So if you hear it go down at the best buy today, just know you heard it here first.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Re: Definition

Lately I've been struggling to wrap my head around the new coming of bro and what it means to my vocabulary. I find myself using bro as a criticism and positive reinforcement, solely based on the context of which it is used it in. True, brolores is overrun by bros posting up, but at the end of the day I'm relying on my bros. Therefore, I urge you to seek the bro-ness in your life, and how you can better bro it up day in and day out.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Curling Drinking Game

As invented by Tommy and Steveo:

  • Thingies hit each other = social.
  • Guess level of ring before shot (1=bullseye), winner awards a drink.
  • Pick a team before round, leader at end of round starts waterfall.
  • Ass camera shot = drink.
  • Timeout = waterfall.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Me and You and Pikachu

Behind in the posts, gotta update about insane-o almost breaking of wrist and spanking new bike. In the meantime, Parry Gripp brings a whole new level of auth:

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Overheard at...

Hillsdale Caltrain:

(to Julian, getting on train)
Balloon Kid: Hey! Need a balloon animal?
Julian: No, but you should make that guy (looks at Tommy) another Stanley Cup.
Balloon Kid (to Tommy): Hey! Go Pens!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Frank at work.

Frank: "Did you know that right now if you start dedicating your life entirely to making a time machine at some point your future self will travel back in time and tell you how to do make it?"

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Three Nu Onez

Downloaded a few new albums recently, a nice little new rap bundle. Kid Cudi, which I got right after Christmas, then Clipse and Wale recently. I'd say Cudi is winning the race right now with Clipse making a strong run for the top and Wale back in third. Listened to Cudi a lot (note: a whole lot) at new years while Lucy, Vanessa, and Jenna provided strong mario feedback. This review is for you, brohams, since Pitchfork is a bunch of snobs who couldn't high five a bro's album if it was superglued to their open palm.

The Cudi album rocks, and I felt dumb in Pittsburgh for not even having it yet. I like-a the singer-rapper dealie coming out with Drake and Cudi, and I like that Cudi opted out of autotune, which Jay-Z told us is dead anyways, so we couldn't even use it if a gun was pointed to our head by an autotune loving serial killer. I keep finding new tracks that I like more on somedays than the big hitters, and gives me hope that Kanye will keep finding sweet bros for the GOOD label.

Clipse is sounding like Lord Willin' again, which is both great and not great, because Hell Hath No Fury was so epic. Still, the bitterness is there a little, which lends to some sweet versus seen on the Freedom track, which also channels Russell Crowe quotes from Gladiator. I think the Popeye's track is my favorite, although I am confused, as Killa can be seen eating fried chicken in the video, which according to him, would immediately lead to terrible stomach pains and diarrhea. The "All Eyes on Me" is a banger as well, Andy is psyched to fist pump for sure. When Clipse said they weren't going to be going with the Neptunes for this album, I thought that meant NO Neptunes. All it meant not 100% Neptunes, more like 89% Neptunes. Yeah, these dudes rule.

Wale is a little disappointing... so many songs here sound so dry. Especially after Mixtape about Nothing and his other junk, this is not what I expected. Some tracks are alright, as linked above, so maybe it will grow on me. I still would love to see him live, I bet it's kicking, and Pusha T gives him props all the time so maybe he can just merge with Clipse in a human merger tank and make a super rapper. That sounds like a good way to salvage the album. Write it down. 1. Human merger. 2. PROFIT!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

12:00 AM 1/1/2010

And from another angle: