Sunday, September 12, 2010

Boot Week 1 report

Positives: Filling up the sketchbook, watched football, no pain in my foot ever, got in 4 workouts this week, hung out with some bros and developed positive relationships (no doubt bro). Wrote a post and read-up on stress fractures at the Minimalist Runner group. Very helpful dudes wrote back that had stress fractures, said coming back should be fine and not to fret. Can't find my specific post but Vanessa can vouch for me.

Negatives: This boot sucks. Couldn't go out last night cause I was so sick of walking in it, and my foot and leg just gets really tired after a full day of activities. Ripping out my leg hairs somehow (thermos action??). Foot already feeling atrophy I think, squatted last night without the boot to plug something in and my foot almost gave out. I stare longingly when I see skateboarders or runners go by.

One More Positive: Less than 3 weeks!

One More Negative: Pretty much 3 more weeks.

Denny D gon be throwing mad bombs to El today. WHABAM!

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Johnny Barleycorn said...

Hang in there buddy!