Monday, September 27, 2010

Boot Last Stand

So about 3.2 days to go (I get it off early Friday morning). I've been cutting back on wearing it and walking around a little without it. Had a few couple mile walks with Mary on Saturday, that went fine. The foot seems to be going more naturally by itself... maybe because I am more confident on it or maybe it's the body doing it. Can't tell.

Since I'm gonna scale back on the vibrams/barefoot to a couple of short runs a week, I got some new running shoes to put on next week, and hopefully wear through whatever marathon I pick out. Tried to identify some thin soled shoes with a low heel drop (vertical distance between heel and ball of foot), and was about to get the minzuno wave 3's, but went with the adidas rocket because a bro at work wears something similar and likes them, and it looks like less of a heel drop. Anyways, I'm psyched to get out running, crossfitting, biking, and thrashing again.

I'll post something from the injury sketchbook soon, per Dave. We will see what the doc says friday but if I have my way the boot is getting sold at Margot's garage sale.

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