Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Suck it Coors Light Commercial

SB's for all

Well well. This friday I'll be heading to Pittsburgh to watch the game with some duders and drink in the steelergasm that will hopefully be going steady from the minute I touch down to the minute I leave. Cal also took home the Santa Barbara Invite title this weekend with some convincing wins.

Author's recreation of tournament events.

We struggled for two of our games, but when we were careful about our turnovers on the d-line, we really rolled. Our o-line played well enough. I thought we had a pretty solid use of the entire team, seeing a lot of freshman play in the semis and finals. Personally, I felt like I was feeling more comfortable as the tournament went on, and maybe the team is still figuring out how I can be helpful. It was nice to feel like I was contributing more. Also, I learned it's totally possible to be the only non-asain in a car! And they like the same kinds of things I do, all the way down to sour patch kids!

FYI, Hines Ward has a hurt knee but plans to play.

In other super bowl viewing news all signs point to Dave's house where we will be showered with golden bacon infused super drink.

Super bowl prediction: Andy goes o-fer in halftime beer pong and panics that his poor play will be a reflection of how the Steelers perform in the second half.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Immediate Ravens Fallout

Not to say that Steelers don't have their fair share of idiots (scan for idiot steeler fans here). But here's some immediate reactions from ravens fans at the ESPN AFC North blogs:

Josh Williams from Owings Mills writes: I'm calling for Flaccos head. He played like junk this post season. His stats this season are comparable to Bollers his 1st two seasons, and boller didnt have a derrick mason or mark clayton at the time. Joe also had a more consistent rushing game during his rookie post season run. I'm scared Flacco is going to end up like Boller down the stretch, lets get rid of him now before its too late.
Where's your uni-support now you fair weathered dicks? Alright, I feel sick as death I'm going home where I'm gonna go snuggle with my Randle El jersey and sleep.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Crushing Break Right: A Photo Essay (Pt. 2)

So the next morning we hit the road. Two bros on a quest.

We rocked our way up to Ktopia, and immediately had some teary eyed reunions. One with pabst light, the other with CKG.

Well CKG maintained my attention for a short period of time, cause it was time to build a fire. The chainsaw was rocking, Joey shows up, and we toasted Les Stroud as another successful fire was started. All precautions were made to make sure our outdoor attire was correct. Because out in the wild, if you sweat, you die.

The next thing I really remember after the bacon wrapped dates was the first power hour, where the power hour machine was once again turning heads. For details, you'll have to email me about it, cause that shit is copyrighted. Much like wine bag game. More on that below.

For some, it was far too much.

For other duders, it was time to rock.

Before I continue, a side note about wine bag game. I am thrilled that something I came up with received more play time than the wii I think. This, I did not realize, was a double edged sword for myself. I lost interest pretty quickly after one game. I've thought about this, and I think that maybe I am not ready to sit and drink wine at a place with so much to do for so long. If I was in a family reunion or something, I'd totally be down for 3 games in a row.

I stopped taking photos around now, so I will throw in a few from other people that were there that I feel will accurately summarize the next day/night. I think after this point my small cold mixed with the dust and the activities and then my boogers turned to dust. No matter, I don't need good boogers to make a great fire. This time we got everyone to collect like 9,000 pounds of wood, so we were ready to rage.

Stucadia and Christo showed up, I rocked some losers in beer pong, and another power hour came and went. Night came, and I was definitely cooler than anyone else cause I had a head lamp.

Then some legendary stuff happened. I'll give you two nouns: quesidilla, buttcrack. I'm sure if you insert those into a madlib your story might be pretty accurate. Things became pretty fuzzy after that.

So that pretty much rounds up the highlights of another sweet Ktopia. I left sick, but stopping the holiday break rage was not an option. On to D.C. where it was time to get wild with an old flame: Jake the Snake. We met up with Danlee (yes?) and started drinking in a mall at an all old-people's dave n buster's. Yeah, there wasn't even the promise of beating up on little kids. Then we headed downtown, where Jake assured me things would be prime for action. Yup, sure was. Zero hookups for Jake and one close call with a latino ready to throwdown. But we did take some great pictures with their cameras! I should've facebooked them.

Next day I was pretty hungover and definitely still sick, as somehow I didn't magically get better. Went to the slowest kabob place on earth, and then met up with Jake again for disc golf. What started at first as a fun time with a swell disc golf guide (a dude randomly joined us) got annoying near the end as I everything I ever knew about disc golf was restated to me. Christ. Had a crappy meal at dave n busters and watched some football. The Cardinals were ballin, and Marmalard ended Dungy's career.

That night we headed out with some new people and went 3/3 on bars that were Irishy themed (dave n busters was actually called Baileys). Also we got in a cab with karaoke! I think I am on youtube somewhere! Search for "chinese guy cab karaoke", and I'm sure you will find me and joe and jake singing "livin on a prayer."

After a pretty lazy Sunday, I left Monday, and thus ended a totally awesome break. Minus getting sick. But that was worth it and bound to happen. Alright!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Crushing Break Right: A Photo Essay (Pt. 1)

So here comes a summary of probably my last real holiday break. The photos are a mix of mine and others, as no one can match the professionalism brought by Vanessa and Andy's iTouch.

I came into town the night of the 22nd, and met up with Dave n Andy at their place. Much of the weeknights would be spent at their place, because let's face it, that is one bro-pad. And there was a lot of bacon. I think the bacon motivated all jokes, good times, and high fives during this time period. Rob and I made it to the Wu-Tang show on the 26th, which was a stellar time. Rob got super drunk and blacked out part of their set, as we got there at 8pm and they went on super late around 11:30. Did I say there was a bar there? There was a bar there, and that's why we were drunk. Some highlights were definitely seeing Ghostface really into their set, as he was kind of a background dude at their Rock the Bells show. Cappadonna came into the crowd, and everyone in the world was wearing Steelers gear. I forgot how great that aspect of Pittsburgh is. When the Steelers are rocking, the gear gets mega-rocked. This was reflected in my Christmas presents as 60% of them were Steeler related, including a steeler themed ice pack/heat pad. Anyways, seeing Wu in a club setting ruled. I paid for my ticket through Rob's drinks and cabs, and I had paid back the $60 in an hour I think.

Vanessa came in the night before the Steeler game (12/27), and I tried to make it to John and Joey's show but was commited to watching a movie with Mike Wolk. I met up with some Central dudes that night, and was able to get like 6 hours of sleep before the massive Steelers day. Now we can hit off this photo essay right.

Myself, Drew, K2, Peter, and Vanessa got there around 9:15 and the weather was a little rough, but we came prepared. I think for the first 1.5 hours it was just us till Dave and Andy showed up, and then Rob, Jay, Joey, and Jenna like 45 minutes before we left for the stadium. C. Watts showed up too, and it was truly a Steelers reunion.

Yessir, we were rockin for sure. Joey is sporting the age 12 T-Bone snowboarding gear.

The game was pretty fun, everyone was laidback and just hoping for a swift crushing of the brownies. It sort of went like that, as Ben went down hard. That sucked.

One million dollars were spent on beers, or possibly cups of liquid gold. Cause that's what they cost! Ha ha ha! Got into it a little with the dude in front of me who was convinced Leftwich and Mwelde were the future for this team's playoff run. In your face, ugly.

One day later Joe and I visited Dave and D at work, and thoroughly enjoyed my berry milkshake alcoholic drink. And the pot stickers. And the knowledgeable barkeep! After that Dave and I decided to wait till Tuesday morn to drive up to Ktopia, so we had a good bye night for Kyle at Silky's. We also sung christmas carols and lost 50 games of darts in a row. But M.I.A. came on the jukebox so really it was a victory for everyone.

Tensions were high.... TBC!!!