Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Yo dudes!

Been a while. Some stuff has happened since the Jeff Reed photoshop (paintshop):

Jam makes nationals.
Drew (Madcow) makes nationals.
Steelers look kind of better.
Penguins rock losers.
Mary dogsits.
Trout barks and stuff.

Definitely a lot of work to do after regionals, gotta throw up some solid W's! Still, if I had to break down the seeding it would probably go something like this:

1-something: Some dudes who think they run the show
#semi-high: JAM bros
#middle-something: mediocre blah
#underanked: Madcow and Drewpa!

I think this seeding is a highly accurate reflection of what the teams to watch are. In other non-ultimate related news, I got to check out fleet week in SF at a roof top party. The show was cancelled due to fog, but the rooftop was great, although it seemed like everyone was about a decade older than me. So, t-minus one decade til I get a rooftop of my own.

I got some new music for the first time in a while. New albums include Jay-Z, Mos Def, and Raekwon. Probably after listening to each album 9 times at work, Mos Def is probably my favorite, just cause I am a sucker for his rapping and madlib-like beats (it's also really really good work music). Favorite tracks are the auditorium and quiet dog bites hard. It's softer and less catchy than black on both sides, but more put together than the new danger.

Raekwon put it down! The sequel is solid, and its chock full of crime storytelling. Black Mozart and the Raekwon-Ghost-Meth tracks are great. The best Wu stuff to come out in a while... I think the only one I didn't hear was Cappadonna, but he's not a super official member anyways. Another must download!

Jay-Z made it on to my Jam workout mix, and JS was the only one I could hear singing along. The album is solid, probably not as good as American Gangster... and whatever sound he has decided to make as his inbetween lines sound (most prominent on DOA and Reminder) wears off quick. Still, it's good.

Alright, that's the end. That was way too long for my attention span.