Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Overheard at...

Hillsdale Caltrain:

(to Julian, getting on train)
Balloon Kid: Hey! Need a balloon animal?
Julian: No, but you should make that guy (looks at Tommy) another Stanley Cup.
Balloon Kid (to Tommy): Hey! Go Pens!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Frank at work.

Frank: "Did you know that right now if you start dedicating your life entirely to making a time machine at some point your future self will travel back in time and tell you how to do make it?"

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Three Nu Onez

Downloaded a few new albums recently, a nice little new rap bundle. Kid Cudi, which I got right after Christmas, then Clipse and Wale recently. I'd say Cudi is winning the race right now with Clipse making a strong run for the top and Wale back in third. Listened to Cudi a lot (note: a whole lot) at new years while Lucy, Vanessa, and Jenna provided strong mario feedback. This review is for you, brohams, since Pitchfork is a bunch of snobs who couldn't high five a bro's album if it was superglued to their open palm.

The Cudi album rocks, and I felt dumb in Pittsburgh for not even having it yet. I like-a the singer-rapper dealie coming out with Drake and Cudi, and I like that Cudi opted out of autotune, which Jay-Z told us is dead anyways, so we couldn't even use it if a gun was pointed to our head by an autotune loving serial killer. I keep finding new tracks that I like more on somedays than the big hitters, and gives me hope that Kanye will keep finding sweet bros for the GOOD label.

Clipse is sounding like Lord Willin' again, which is both great and not great, because Hell Hath No Fury was so epic. Still, the bitterness is there a little, which lends to some sweet versus seen on the Freedom track, which also channels Russell Crowe quotes from Gladiator. I think the Popeye's track is my favorite, although I am confused, as Killa can be seen eating fried chicken in the video, which according to him, would immediately lead to terrible stomach pains and diarrhea. The "All Eyes on Me" is a banger as well, Andy is psyched to fist pump for sure. When Clipse said they weren't going to be going with the Neptunes for this album, I thought that meant NO Neptunes. All it meant not 100% Neptunes, more like 89% Neptunes. Yeah, these dudes rule.

Wale is a little disappointing... so many songs here sound so dry. Especially after Mixtape about Nothing and his other junk, this is not what I expected. Some tracks are alright, as linked above, so maybe it will grow on me. I still would love to see him live, I bet it's kicking, and Pusha T gives him props all the time so maybe he can just merge with Clipse in a human merger tank and make a super rapper. That sounds like a good way to salvage the album. Write it down. 1. Human merger. 2. PROFIT!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

12:00 AM 1/1/2010

And from another angle: