Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Ala k2, I had this dream on Friday night that was pretty rocking, so I think I will post it. I am pretty surprised I still remember it today, but not as much detail as a k2 summary.

I'm trying to negotiate a job offer with some construction contractor, and instead of being in a room we are in an indoor track facility. Dutchy is the boss, and he hands me this sheet with the offer. $70k. Sounds good to me. I am pretty excited and settle in for some work with Dutchy in some room. Eventually I'm back at the track with Ryo, who also works there, and we start getting prepped for a decathlon with a lady secretary taking notes.

The Funnies

This show is definitely funny:

Pretty happy comedy central has something else for me to watch now besides southpark, scrubs reruns, and the occasional daily show/colbert. I was actually thinking the other day how when Colbert first came out ('04?) how I was annoyed by it, and couldn't take the straight 20 minutes of sarcasm, but I think I like it more than the daily show now. Either the show has let up a little or sarcasm ages like a fine wine. I don't know if that metaphor works in this case.

Also, not to turn this thing into flightblog, but the flight of the conchords from 2 weeks ago was really, really good. Probably my favorite since Bowie. I didn't think they could do more with the Australian stuff... but boy that was not the case! Am I right?? Am I right?? Heyo!

The other night while watching the Oscars Mary signed up for Netflix. When you had to rank whatever shows and dvds to figure out what they would recommended for you Mary gave some awful rankings. She gave Futurama 2 stars (pushing for only 1) which is equivalent to "I don't like it" in Netflix lingo. This was predictable, as she doesn't like cartoons and poo-poos such things, which sucks for her. But the 2 star ranking of Chappelle's Show was pretty fucking offensive, if I do say so myself. The greatest show of our time? I'm sure, but no prob just slap on a 2-star-why-isn't-biggest-loser-on-this-thing ranking.

I am sure she has given both shows very little chances (probably a holdover of dorm-bitterness from freshman year or her constant "I don't think I will let my children watch much TV"). Netflix, sensing her hate of fun, spat her back recommendations that were restricted to romantic comedies and animal/kid sports movies (air-bud, angels in the outfield 2). Her post-oscars and Slumdog Millionaire viewing euphoria was also crushed the next night when she watched the first 5 minutes of No Country for Old Men.

The superbowl dvd comes out this week! Hopefully tomorrow so we can have a viewing party this week! Jamo's house! Leave your Ray Lewis jersey in the oven!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Number Ten Returns

Yeah! Down from number 20 since the original number 10 on Cal quit. Number 5 is unattainable, and now that Santonio has made number 10 MVP cool, I'll go to my fall back number.

We went undefeated at Pres Day this past weekend, but haven't played anyone super famous yet. UNT were impressive, they ran quick movement from the front of a stack offense till they could hit one of the their big guys on a huck or get a run on the break side. Greg Moy spent the tournament showing off for his parents. Joel's mom made unimaginably big meals both Saturday and Sunday night that made some suspicious. Then things got silly.

Ha! Ha Ha! Well, what a weekend.

has a stellar list of teams this year, and will be a great opportunity for us to ball out. In other news, Jamo has a one track mind, and is completely inflexible about everything.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Flight Season 2

I think the first two episodes were a little slow for me, but rewatching the second episode with Steveo reminded me how much better this show seems with other people. Episodes 3 and 4 have been pretty solid...

...That being said, in the last song of this new episode they are sitting at a bar, and you can totally see a Victory tap! I think it was Prima Pils.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Friday, February 6, 2009


Step 1: Sign Autographs.
Step 2: Eat tiny girls.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

"Watch the hold! Watch the hold!"

If any of you dudes have paid close attention to the Super Bowl XL DVD... there is this one dude in so many shots that is just like "WOOOOOO" or doing some dance, or famously "Watch the hold" which was his only actual words in the dvd. I called this dude the hype guy. He didn't have a headset, I am unsure what his role was. But look at him now:

Oh yeah, that's him on the far left. And he's got a head set. You and me, hype guy, we are moving up.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

A Ring for the Thing

Yessir! Minds were blown. Hands were high fived. Asian girls were tackled. Wings were delicious. And bathrooms were wrecked.

Harrison's interception was by far the most unfathomable punch in the kiester that has ever been administered in history. Even though there was a second half, that shit was nutso. Yes, there was a game winning drive with a mind bending grab... but a linebacker to make an filthy interception and have a whole defense block to take it 100 yards as time expires?? Yes! And that's why the Asians' beers went everywhere, all over everyones socks.

I really have no desire to complain about endzone offense, Ariands, the running game... what does it matter. It happened. I won the super bowl.

Number ten, it's been a long road of being mistaken for kordell, being told by mom that maybe I should invest in a new jersey, and getting caught with pot. But boy oh boy, what a postseason... I think definitely he showed absolutely more improvement than any other player in the playoffs, maybe the playoff MVP. Certainly deserving of the super bowl MVP.

Not to forget Ben, and Jamo and I had said many times that there's no one else we'd rather have. How sucky would it be to have a Kerry Collins? Could any other quarterback taken us this far with this offensive line? What a baller.

And let's not forget the party food MVP. Maybe? I didn't eat it, I think I just wanted to post this pic.