Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Number Ten Returns

Yeah! Down from number 20 since the original number 10 on Cal quit. Number 5 is unattainable, and now that Santonio has made number 10 MVP cool, I'll go to my fall back number.

We went undefeated at Pres Day this past weekend, but haven't played anyone super famous yet. UNT were impressive, they ran quick movement from the front of a stack offense till they could hit one of the their big guys on a huck or get a run on the break side. Greg Moy spent the tournament showing off for his parents. Joel's mom made unimaginably big meals both Saturday and Sunday night that made some suspicious. Then things got silly.

Ha! Ha Ha! Well, what a weekend.

has a stellar list of teams this year, and will be a great opportunity for us to ball out. In other news, Jamo has a one track mind, and is completely inflexible about everything.

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