Tuesday, January 27, 2009

SB's for all

Well well. This friday I'll be heading to Pittsburgh to watch the game with some duders and drink in the steelergasm that will hopefully be going steady from the minute I touch down to the minute I leave. Cal also took home the Santa Barbara Invite title this weekend with some convincing wins.

Author's recreation of tournament events.

We struggled for two of our games, but when we were careful about our turnovers on the d-line, we really rolled. Our o-line played well enough. I thought we had a pretty solid use of the entire team, seeing a lot of freshman play in the semis and finals. Personally, I felt like I was feeling more comfortable as the tournament went on, and maybe the team is still figuring out how I can be helpful. It was nice to feel like I was contributing more. Also, I learned it's totally possible to be the only non-asain in a car! And they like the same kinds of things I do, all the way down to sour patch kids!

FYI, Hines Ward has a hurt knee but plans to play.

In other super bowl viewing news all signs point to Dave's house where we will be showered with golden bacon infused super drink.

Super bowl prediction: Andy goes o-fer in halftime beer pong and panics that his poor play will be a reflection of how the Steelers perform in the second half.

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