Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Immediate Ravens Fallout

Not to say that Steelers don't have their fair share of idiots (scan for idiot steeler fans here). But here's some immediate reactions from ravens fans at the ESPN AFC North blogs:

Josh Williams from Owings Mills writes: I'm calling for Flaccos head. He played like junk this post season. His stats this season are comparable to Bollers his 1st two seasons, and boller didnt have a derrick mason or mark clayton at the time. Joe also had a more consistent rushing game during his rookie post season run. I'm scared Flacco is going to end up like Boller down the stretch, lets get rid of him now before its too late.
Where's your uni-support now you fair weathered dicks? Alright, I feel sick as death I'm going home where I'm gonna go snuggle with my Randle El jersey and sleep.

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vmh said...

Owings Mills! Josh Williams was probably my neighbor when I lived in MD. Glad that's over.