Monday, November 30, 2009

I hate Bruce Arians open thread

Since a lot of Bruce Arians hate has been floating around the G-status today, I thought we could pool our efforts here for posterity reasons. I'll go first:

Bruce Arians borrowed your car and gave it back with the gas light on.

Bruce Arians promised to bring the tap for the keg, then came late to the party and told you he forgot it.

Bruce Arians ate your leftover lo mein, the one that you were so psyched to eat late night.

God I hate you Bruce Arians.


misterjamo said...

bruce arians thinks chris berman is funny

bruce arians parks in the handicapped spot

bruce arians looks at porn on your computer

bruce arians will not hold the elevator for you

bruce arians does not change the toilet paper toll

vmh said...

bruce arians schedules you for meetings at 4pm on fridays

bruce arians snores so loud it keeps his neighbors awake

bruce arians sneezes on you in the subway

bruce arians phone rings during the movie

bruce arians never buys the next round

Tommy said...

bruce arians nevers give you a turn with the new video game.

vmh said...

bruce arians regifted your birthday present

Tommy said...

Bruce Arians LOVES Juno.

Peter Hendrickson said...

Bruce Arians thought "Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull" was the best in the series.

Bruce Arians thinks Carlos Mencia is the best thing EVER.

Bruce Arians is a Yankees and Cowboys fan.

Skizzler said...

bruce arians lets his dog poop in your yard

bruce arians' password is a common dictionary word

bruce arians saw the midnight showing of twilight new moon


bruce arians used to be a telemarketer

bruce arians chews with his mouth open

Johnny Barleycorn said...

bruce arians eats all of the m&ms out of your trail mix

Lunchbox said...
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Lunchbox said...

bruce arians enjoys bud light soley for its drinkability.

bruce arians loves flo from all the progressive commericals.

bruce arians mixes popcorn with freshly open bags of pretzels.

bruce arians takes morning dumps that last one hour ruining any hope you had in showering.

Lunchbox said...

bruce arians wrote and recorded my aphrodite.

Johnny Barleycorn said...

Bruce Arians loves Festina PĂȘche

Tommy said...

hahahaha good one joey!

Bruce Arians hates free hot dogs at happy hour.

Johnny Barleycorn said...

Bruce Arian's favorite Will Smith movie is Hitch

Tom said...

bruce arians checks out with 13 items in a 12 items or less express lane

bruce arians drives a Gremlin and named it Gizmo

bruce arians collects Garbage Pail Kids cards

bruce arians gives 2 pennies and takes 1