Thursday, March 11, 2010


Sup dudes -

Lots of updates, I've been screwin' around and haven't posted in a little. Just finished a bacon sando oven-cooked style (via Mary). Let's just get right to it.

NEW BIKE! Got the surly (in black) cross check about a month or two ago, been crushing with it. It's great. Such an upgrade, it's quite a thing to get really excited to ride your bike. Got some toe clip pedals (on the one side, flat on the other), so things are REALLY great while riding. Super, super fast. Beefy tires to avoid the flats, fenders (poorly installed... don't install in the wee hours of the morning) to keep out the rain.

I'm writing this up while watching Gettysburg as I just finished Killer Angels for like the 95th time in my life (could you take Jeff Daniels seriously as your colonel?). Had to reread two super awesome books after the suckiness of the end of the Alvin Maker saga. First, Lord of Light, which is a really, really great book that just went back into paperback print. Highly recommended. Crazy futuristic Hindu/Buddhist religion stuff. The second was Killer Angels, which is the book of books. This bro at dirty thieves last week recommended Shogun to me, have any of you fools checked that out? Now reading Foundation and Earth, which is pretty slow so far with some jerk arguing with some robot chick the whole time. I will give Asimov the benefit of the doubt and hold out.

RANDLE EL! Holy shit!!!!!! How many times has this ever happened? 1. Griffey 2. Michael Jordan (which doesn't really count) 3..... Pee Wee Herman? Anyways, bros are psyched, and I am ready to rock my new surprise (supplies!) away jersey!

Unreal. But with the mega-awesome comes the terrible. WTF. Don't worry, the guy packing my bag up at the IGA, who saw my beanie told me it's gonna be alright.

Buford is killing it! Beautiful ground!


Skizzler said...

duder, will you please provide some more details on this oven-coooked bacon sando?

Tommy said...

Literal sense here. The bacon is cooked in the oven, so I can busy myself playing Steveo in darts.

Skizzler said...

Damn, I was expecting so much more.

k2 said...

re: Shogun, I tried to read it once. Made it through about 20 pages and wasn't interested enough to even attempt the next million and a half. Your mileage may vary.