Friday, December 3, 2010

The Last Airbender: Live Blog

What's up everyone! This will probably be one of the last times in my career where I can be unemployed and liveblogging a viewing of M. Night Shyamalan's masterpiece: "The Last Airbender."

1:00 - Ooooo snazzy plot! Telekinesis matched with a captain planet theme! This has hope!

2:00 - I am pretty sure this is going to be awful.

18:00 - Just realized it is the dude who was the main character in Slumdog Millionaire.

21:00 - Uh oh, all the airbender's family is dead. Might have to fastforward through drawn out tears.

21:30 - I am pretty sure this was made for 7 year olds. I have made this mistake before.

22:30 - I am pretty sure the airbender is too young for the ice chick, but we'll see.

23:00 - I think I messed up my VLC a little.

29:00 - This has some "Free Tibet" undertones.

31:00 - This was probably really funny to film cause everyone does really stupid movements without the effects. Also, this movie is really terrible.

33:00 - Now catholic undertones. The avatar cannot have a family, which I assume is sex too. Tough break. There must be a history of avatar-child relation coverups.

38:00 - I just awkwardly learned the history of the exiled prince. It's kinda like the story of killer from Half Baked. There is only one beer left...

40:00 - Oh wow they sleep in sleep sacks, like they give you in hostels. I am guessing they bend the rain if they get rained on, or the spirit world dries them if they get wet and cold.

43:20 - Avatar high priest sells him out! Avatar captured! I am thinking about inviting the dude from NewJackCity over to join the live blog. Def a chill bro.

43:38 - Gonna need more than 2 guards to hold down the Avatar! Child grunting ensues. Bad fight scene. They should just splice in DBZ fight scenes, probably would work out and not confuse the audience.

57:30 - Dave says this movie is definitely way better in 3D. Mary called and is hanging out on Valencia, which sounds way better than this. I definitely will not start up this live blog again, and will probably watch the end some other time when I am pinned with either this movie or burning myself with a hot iron.

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