Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Retrying Albums

I'm gonna try and insert a theme into this never-used blog called "Retrying Albums". This is where I try albums over again that I initially was like "WTF" but the album was well received by other dicks. The first in this series is: 8 Diagrams - Wu Tang.

This album had all sorts of weird hype, mostly centering around the fact that RZA had gone super indie with the beats and Ghost and Rae were not feeling it. I remember I listened to it like twice when I first got it fall of senior year ('07), and me and Joe agreed it sucked. Gone forever, despite how much I anticipated everything else Wu Tang did. Not to mention pitchfork was snooty about it.

Well, today I listened to it a few times in a row at work, and it's definitely an enjoyable album. Although the beats aren't something you are gonna be blasting at P-Days, you can pick out some really nice stuff here. The two all-stars on this album to me were GZA and Inspectah Deck, with Raekwon and Ghostface right up there. I think my fav track is windmill, which sounds like the intro to Kill Bill (also produced by RZA).

Other things that are interesting is that I definitely shared this song before anyone else on reader, but no one noticed it. Pots for my kitchen!

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