Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Prius Gettin' Fiesty

On my bike to work from the San Mateo station this morning, some bro honks at myself and Tsama to get out of his way so he can get in the 5-minute left turn line to turn onto 101. First of all, we are pretty far over and you can definitely get around unless you are a garbage truck, second of all, get a life dick.

Then I turn around and see it's a PRIUS!!! C'mon jerk! Obvi we are both trying to save the environment, I am just doing a better job than you (pending confirmation caltrain = better than cars). I am not sure whether you are honking out out jealousy or because you only bought that for the tax credit!


dth said...

I thought the federal tax credit plus better milage (assuming some price of gas, I can't remember) did not quite make up for the difference in sticker price of the car.

Were there additional CA tax credits?

Skizzler said...