Sunday, April 12, 2009

Just for Jamo...

Another picture of myself! Bam! Well Jamo, there's about 5 pictures from my entire playing career pre-Cal, so having Choon and others snapping photos rules. Sectionals is next week, and we will have some very tough games with Davis, Santa Cruz, Stanford, and LPC all there. Hopefully things will click and we can carry momentum into Regionals because the NW is slamming this year! Got to practice with Revolver yesterday, which has allowed me to get one step closer to learning all that I can about Joel's intimate life. Gonna try and make the Jam tryouts in a couple of weeks.

The job market seems to not be getting better at all, and the opportunity of working for a start up while starting on a PhD sounds like a pretty good deal right now. I am excited for the start up as I'll be able to get to do everything where I wouldn't be able to working for a large firm or as an entry level somewhere. Not exciting is the lack of money. I'm sure things will work out.

Nicely coinciding with the college series is the NHL playoffs! And well, well! Welcome back Scotty! The PA state championship is on, and the Flyers made sure to screw up just enough to give us home ice, which worked out very well for us last year when we had it. I think if Staal's line produces, and Sykora and Geno start clicking like last years postseason, things will go well and we can go very deep. This also marks the start of another playoff beard. Here are some ground rules:
  • I will shave in extraordinary circumstances (aka job interview, which isn't very likely anymore).
  • Alterations are ok, but I'm not really into them. Not really applicable, I just didn't want to only have one bullet cause I couldn't think of any other rules. In this way, this playoff beard contest is comparable to a no-rules wwf steel cage match with one rule.
Are any other duders down for it (don't puss out here Andy). Here is the initial shot:

Donezo. You can check out last year's results here. I will probs shave Wednesday before the first game begins. Hopefully soon I can coordinate with Jamo to drink it up and watch some playoff hockey.


dth said...

I'm in for the playoff beard, I will try very very hard not to be bad luck this year. I'm working on getting a pre-beard picture right now.

Johnny Barleycorn said...

I might be in for this, but I'm going to trim because if I don't it's just really disgusting in the neck area. reallllll sparse.

Johnny Barleycorn said...

I think you should have used this picture also