Tuesday, March 31, 2009

In Remembram

Right before his departure for a cruise to different countries prime for military coups, Joe left me with some directions for his legacy:
Joe: i just wanted to say it was a pleasure knowing you, if I get kidnapped in columbia
Joe: tell the others
Joe: tell my story
Well, I am going to preemptively get this done. A collage of all of our favorite Joe friendship moments:

We will miss you. You and your affinity for short, tight, golf shorts.

We will never forget your wacky on-field antics and groundbreaking ultimate methods.

I think k2 likes this photo a lot, so this one is more for him than actually remembering Joe.

This one is way awkward. Sometimes you really blow the photo.

Blogger won't let me get out of italics. So in other news, Centex and spring break were definitely good times. The team carried a bunch of momentum out of the last 4 games of the weekend after starting out a little poorly. As 5 of the top 13 teams in the UPA rankings are in the Northwest, regionals is going to be a battle. We have the ability to beat anyone for sure, stringing together 2-3 of those victories is going to be very tough.

Other news blurbs include signing up for LEED exam, actively going to my first PT sessions for my knee, and st. patrick's day being fun. Once again I apologize for the continued italics, but I blame Zhi and his division.

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k2 said...

I do really liked that photo, thanks T.