Thursday, May 14, 2009

Playoff Beard Finale!

We won!

Time to follow up that playoff series extravaganza with a sweep of college nationals so I can make another collage with Mom. Anyways, graduation is coming, I somehow got a job despite economic apocalypse, and I have some pretty major presentations. One of these has $2k on the line and is in front of a panel of professional judges. Promised the group I'd shave... so here is the last gasp of the beard:

Getting better. Definitely a very annoying amount of facial hair. It's been over a month, and now it is annoying to drink and eat stuff as it gets all over the hair. Let's compare to last year:

Huh. Dunno. It feels a lot fuller. Mind you, this guy up top went into the end of the Eastern Conference Finals. Let's check the sides.

Ok, definitely some improvement there. I can't figure out why blogger won't let me do side by side photos. Oh well. Still the dent though. Let's make like Jesus and turn the other cheek.

Well hey! Very solid. Absolutely in the chin and goatee areas. Farewell 2009 playoff beard. And remember Pens, anything is possible, just like KG said in that disney movie... I mean, NBA finals.

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