Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Kickin Tires, Lightin Fires

Showed up on the fields in Corvallis on friday morning for a day before practice. The last time I had done a practice at the tournament location was Worlds 2006... I like it, really gets everyone focused and familiar with the surroundings. Practice was solid, hip was shaky but better than practice earlier in the week. Highlights included throwing a bomb to Joel and putting my butt in Albert's face. Non-highlights included the longest and dumbest warm up jog ever. But then we got pizza buffet. Saw the wolverine movie (kind of sucked, also the place had no icees), and discussed the role of fluffers (still unclear). Then a group of four of us played 3-par golf and it half sucked and half ruled and not as easy as the driving range. The weather was awesome.

Saturday came and the weather was shit. This was good news, as we had all our weekday practices pretty much in the ocean. So we romped through victoria and utah, I got beat deep twice bad and was pretty pissed about that. Had a short break and then came UBC. We traded for a little, they were shredding our zone, and then we went ratched off a run, and then the wind picked up. After that they were toast, and we coasted into semis. At the end of the game a hard rain started with major winds. This was good.

We had looked at UW's final at Centex against Colorado and they struggled hard. I think at 2-2 in the semis was when we broke upwind, and got the downwinder a little later, then broke twice more before half... I think it was 8-5 or 8-4. We ran away with it in the second, and were totally psyched.

Had an icebath saturday night and did not realize how hard those things suck. Right before I got in I realized how hard it is to get into the cold ocean, but by that point my feet were in and I was already crying. It worked pretty well though. The Pens lost and turns out Dutchy is a caps fan, which only makes sense as he is a Patriots fan. Hmmm... sounds like he just likes douchey teams which goes well with his douche shake that he drinks every night.

Stanford game. Blech. Offense wasn't there, dropped throws, crappy decisions... Got a lot of breaks, but so did they. They played very well and have a pretty conservative offense based on the handlers.

On to the other game! We had just lost on UP, it was much less windy, and UW was talking about how they are gonna take this one from us. We start out in zone, and they are dropping the disc, and we go up 5-0. After that we didn't really look back. Got two more breaks in the second half and they were done... something like two garbage breaks at the end after we dropped a couple and didn't play d. Pretty badass ending when I throw the huck for the goal to Dylan, it's called back on a pick, then just throw the same huck to Joel for the win. Wes breaks out the cigars.

Awesome. Definitely a long, and now very rewarding season... I think we can win some quality games and play with nothing to lose. Go duders.

A poor blog post title you say?

Think again!

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