Friday, May 29, 2009

Moving On...

Well I was able to come out of nationals with only soul-crushing disappointment and a smashed up heel (just in time for tryouts). Anyways, AFTER nationals was great. Awesome cabin near Ohiopyle thanks to Jakey's negotiating skills, great bbq thanks to Dave's dad, and intense games of chess followed by a fishing session too intense for the fish. These fish, along with the fish lining the Japanese coast, obviously tore each other to shreds in a pheromone-induced frenzy from POWERBAIT's 100% garaunteed most advanced technology. This I believe was the main reason for our lack of hooked fish. Still, we crushed southern PA fishing in our own way. RIP trout of the Ohiopyle.

Dave is looking aggressively for jobs in DC (more like douchey craphole), and Andy is talking about moving to MD too. This is just plain dumb. Please refer to my self-help guide on choosing a new location outside of Pittsburgh:

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DianaCeleste said...

Maryland will DESTROY you Tommy. (however, san fran is way cooler)