Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Break in Pittsburgh

So this is my first school break coming back to Pittsburgh, I don't think coming from Australia really counts. Things to do, no particular order:
  • Get some Aiello's
  • Call Andy "Kwiatfartski"
  • Watch Pens on local TV
  • Call Joey? Hey Joey.
  • Mad Mex?
  • Talk to Mr. Zaw (my mom told me you can order general tso's "not so spicy!")
  • Steeler's gear
  • Get free sweater from mom
  • Yuengling, Magic Hat, Victory (dad still had whirlwinds)
  • My parents got that sweet as instant on demand netflix!
  • See Dave for like 30 mins, talk about how busy he is but how excited he is about all said busy-ness
  • Cake
  • Dee's baby
Mary's "Pittsburgh doggie bag list": Pub fries, white pizza.

What a post!

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