Wednesday, December 3, 2008


Yeah, it's the last two weeks of the semester after Thanksgiving break. So as a grad student everything ever due is due next week. I dunno, I'm not feeling so crunched as other weeks. Don't worry I already knocked on wood preemptively for that statement. Still, everything will be done by about the 12th, so hopefully I will have some time to maybe shop or get a video game or knit some stuff before going back to Pittsburgh again.

Well, I ate my words, and I thought Kanye's album was really good. Couldn't really notice the autotone as much as it slaps you in the face usually, and sounded good on most tracks. Not an album for singles, but good all the way through. Joe didn't think so. Well Joe, why don't you go spend $40 on some crappy Kings of Leon knock off indie crap cause you liked the cover of the vinyl. Another little known Joe fact, he fishes his favorite poos out of the toilet and puts them in a shoebox and keeps them as dried up momentos to look at when he has a hard day. Whatta boob!

In ultimate news, Match didn't pick Cal as one of the super-contenders this year. Nor did he mention my sweeping rise to the top of the college ultimate scene. Think you can overlook our 15th place finishes this fall?? Think again buddy. Well, I actually mean it. I think the development of the rookies and being patient on cuts will pay off in the spring. I think staying healthy, knowing we can suceed, and being confident as a team will be our biggest challenges. Specifically, this is going to depend on us controlling the disc and being consistent. Reducing turnovers is already a common theme.

Up top is Malkin and Gonch on vacay, as if I even had to tell you. The Steelers game ruled last weekend, giving a sense of vindication I haven't felt for those duders since the Super Bowl. If we can ride the momentum from that through the next few weeks we will be true contenders. 25 days till gameday.

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