Thursday, December 18, 2008

Action Jackson

All done with school, and it's pretty weird being on break when everyone has jobs now. Guess I could start playing Mario Galaxy again, I never got past flying Mario. Or I think school started... or we just started drinking more. Just gotta clean up the apartment, work out some, and watch the Steelers (sans Jamo?), play Pokemon.

Speaking of working out, swimming has got a little better. Upgraded to the 'medium' speed lane as I was too much for the 70 year old ladies, but they outlasted me in the end. Whatever, the pools closing in 5 minutes, big deal. You'll get yours, old ladies.

Got the new Common album, which is pretty different than his usual slap in the face with life lessons and focus on lyrics. Most of it is produced by Pharrell and the Neptunes, so it's already in Andy's trashcan. I think it's a pretty good listen, not sure how much lasting power it has, but for now it's good cleaning music. Check el single here. Pharrell is a robot! Rellbot?

Up top is me at Sean Ryan Invitational in November. Up the line cuts were aplenty that weekend. I think if you pulled the earth like four feet from under my foot in that photo you'd see my real jumping power!

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