Sunday, November 2, 2008

Emergency Post

Haven't posted for a long time, and felt like I should throw some thoughts/updates/apple pies before I get too far behind for my readers! Let's do it in quick update format, since homework is gonna cut this one short:

Social: Went out for Halloween in the Mission, despite having to get up at 5:45 to BART it back to Berkeley and hit the road for the tournament in Santa Clara. Mary's Sarah Palin costume was very, very successful. Cops wanted pictures. People shouted things. Fatter Palins were no match. I went as America's most blunted receiver. Not as successful, but very funny for me and that guy dressed up as Serena Williams

School: The beef LCA is coming around... think things are coming together nicely after the mid-term report. My other group is in a big crunch to finish our value stream map report of a general contractor's preconstruction design process. Hopefully things turn out alright. Could've been much better if we had a well defined idea of what we wanted from the start.

Job: Giant civ-e job fair on campus Wednesday! The resume is ready, and I picked out a bunch of Bay Area firms. Hopefully things go well.

Ultimate: My knee tendinitis flared up last week... not sure why, maybe because of all the standing around while working retail at the Cal game. So practice and the tournament, which got cancelled halfway through Saturday, have been a little frustrating as I usually have to stop at somepoint because I don't want to hurt myself more. Lame. I want to be ready for the Sean Ryan tournament where our final A team will be there. The team is looking better and better each practice since the first round of cuts.

Pittsburgh Stuff: Got to go to the Pens vs. San Jose game last Tuesday with some duders. Totally crappy game. We got 11 shots off, and still only lost by 1 somehow. I hope this is the low point of our season, but the last game shows we are coming out of it. Steelers need to man up! Massive game! The election depends on it! Pretty sure I'm gonna wear Randle El, and give number 10 to Jamo. Gooooooo Steelers!

Oh and remember to vote, here's Sam Jackson reminding you to vote no on prop 8:

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