Friday, November 14, 2008

Cypher Post

The motivation for this post came from being inbetween assignments for school, a stomach full of hawaiian bbq, and a stellar dream last night that allowed me to really live out my natural talent... freestyle rap. Anyways, it was some sort of setting where a bunch of dudes I know, I'm pretty sure Vanessa and Jamo were there, were all getting prepped up for this big rap battle between us. I was nervous at first, but as the competition grew nearer, I was spittin hot fire! Jamo and Vanessa could sense this, and knew they were donezo. I really think I was coming up with some solid stuff. I think at one point in the dream I asked someone "Who's winning the rap battle?" "I think it's Consequence, he was pretty good." I didn't get to actually rap in front of a crowd, but I'm sure I would've killed it. In either case, there's always the Cheeburger rap to hold me down.

This weekend is the Sean Ryan Memorial Tournament and it looks like it's gonna be a very nice weekend weather-wise. From what I've seen of the teams I know on the list, I think we have a good chance of winning the whole thing, but I'm sure we will be playing an open rotation as there are still cuts to make. We get done pretty early on Saturday, so maybe we can hit the beach for a little. I think my main goals for the weekend is to get a good feel for the offense and to slam some bros.

Puppy update (pupdate?): I've been thinking very hard about getting a puppy in June after I graduate and move out of the current apartment. I think I would have hopefully 1-2 months free, and seems like prime-time for puppy raising. I've been researching with Mary possible hypoallergenic ones and the cairn terrier (above) has been the most promising. Gotta figure out if it's gonna be feasible to live with it without allergy medicine. Research has opened up some very interesting puppy doors, including puppy cam.

Back to work. Peace!

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jenna said...

are you going to move into the mission then? a place near the park?