Wednesday, September 17, 2008

"So? Some people like pickles better than cucumbers."

Linked from mondesishouse comes a sweet compilation of quotes from all the writers and actors involved with Chappelle's show. It rules, and makes me think a lot about staying up to watch it Wednesday nights in high school and then everyone quoting it for a week straight until the next episode. That's right, I was a part of a cultural revolution, screw the Transformers generation. From the quotes, I feel a little better that I haven't seen Dave do anything since and know how true of a duder he is. There's always South Park that seems like it will be on until I die.

Well this is just turning into my personally bloggy, so it's probably won't be so academic related. I'm sure once I get a job I won't be able to talk about it anyways.

Weak post, tried to find a cool picture and failed hard. Long practice tonight, hopefully it will be scrimmaging.


Johnny Barleycorn said...

My friend told me about one of her friends who worked at a comedy club, and her job was to take care of the comedians and get them whatever they want. And before Chappelle was really famous, she took care of him one night, and all he asked for was to have 4 ATV's and strippers out in the middle of the woods after the show. Lord only knows.

Johnny Barleycorn said...

I would also like to say, in the words of frank black, every pickle comes from cucumber. goodnight.