Friday, September 12, 2008


I can solve it! I joined up! What about YOU? This feels like when I got my scruff mcgruff badge.

The main reason for this post is my bike racing experience that I forgot to put in the last post. So going up Durant yesterday on my way to the gym, there's a rasta dude on a nice bike up way ahead of me, and he starts circling at the next light even though it's green. He starts going back down Durant, which is one way, only to get right behind me. First I thought, 'am I getting jumped? Can I even get jumped when I'm on a bike?'

"Got a thousand dollar frame and *something* shifters, and you tryin to race me uphill?!?"

"What? No man, just going to the gym."

"Race time, man!"

"Nope, there's the gym, sorry dude."

"Ahhhhh, c'mon!"

I would've raced him if the gym hadn't been right there. And then he and I would've sat atop the mountain and told stories as the sun set.

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