Thursday, September 11, 2008

Groups Groups Groups

School is really in full swing. Highlights include always reading, group meetings, and squeezing in research. Dad always said that undergrad was a step up from high school, and grad school was a step up from undergrad. Kind of feels like it right now, good thing there is no pong night this year.

The group projects are starting to solidify in many classes, namely my Civil Systems course. I joined a group proposal that was proposing a life-cycle assessment of beef production. The most immediate issues for us are how to define the scope of the LCA, and what to use as our functional unit. After a quick literature search and read, with the help of Scott Matthews, I think we are most likely to focus on the differences between production and transportation, not going so far as the end-of-life sequence. My Engineering and Business for Sustainability seminar actually turned out to be a small group project, and four of us are looking into sustainable building materials/green design in buildings.

Lemme give you a quick rundown of the nutso gang wars going on in the Mission District. Many recent murders, culminating in this dude. So these bros are gonna throw down with these broskis who are backed by these brosefs. Also, there are south duders against north duders. The Incredibles will still be shown tonight in Dolores Park.

My knee tedinitis flared up at practice last night, but went on a short, hard run today with lots of body weight squats and felt no pain. Sectionals with a Cal split squad this weekend, so that will be a good test of how healed I am. About another month and a half till we are playing together as a full team, which I am very excited for.

Up top is a radio hat niners fan Tubs took a picture of at a preseason game. Go Steelers.

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