Saturday, September 20, 2008

D&C: Finished Project Photos

My last semester at Carnegie Mellon almost totally focused on one class, Design and Construction, that eventually became a 7 days 9-5 deal towards graduation, and continued into the summer where I only worked during the week. They finally got the granite countertops up on the patio, and everything is looking nice. Meenah, one of the structural designers and occasional site worker, took some photos:

North wall:

White FRP siding was used on this wall since it was hidden by the countertop, not sure how much I like how it looks now.

The stools we constructed are getting repaired by Larry. The north side overlooks the new Gates Building nicely:

South wall:

We used zinc siding here, and still has some oxidation effects from rain that coats it with white stuff. I think it still looks pretty solid. Expensive though. The trim is cedar, and the pergola is made of cedar too:

The pergola shape matches the outline of the south wall and partition, which looks really cool from above in the corridor that overlooks the patio. You can see a little of the art students crappy project back there, that looks like it hasn't been touched since I left Pittsburgh in mid-July. Here's the ramp to the lower level:

Which took quite a while to build. Partition bench:

The sculpture that faces the entrance of the patio isn't up yet, with the students' names on it. Whatevs. For an idea of the scope of the project, here's where we were in April:

All the wood columns are on concrete columns at varying heights, you can see some of them in the back but the rest are hidden by the scaffolding. One more for the road:

Heyo! Playoff beard and all!

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