Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Journal #22: Sustainability with D&C??

Deanna's comments on the Life Cycle Analysis implications of materials used in construction, which is a lot of what my research will be centered around next year, had me wondering about the implications of those used in the current Design and Construction class. Since I was able to pull another 9 units from this class with an independent study, another study could be performed by students (maybe just for 3 or 6 units as a mini) to evaluate the sustainability aspects of the final "as-built" design. They could even throw in the theoretical score from the current LEED rating system! Or I guess I could do that myself for this year, but that sounds like a lot added work. Well, not really, but enough work that I wouldn't do it unless I got paid somehow.

This had me wondering even more how different a design process it would have been if someone like EPP or CEE had been the client instead of MSE (Materials Science Engineering). The design this year had students pitching different concepts that they believed would appeal to the client, such as different metals or shapes that applied to carbon atoms. CEE was the client twice before, but that was for a concrete lab and loading dock, which I don't think was centered around sustainability or an exceedingly environmental design. It would be interesting if the client did want detailed presentations on the material being used and how it centered around sustainability. Seems like the construction process could be very different as well and challenging.

So, when one of the D&C classes is faced with this, here's my hint. Good luck.

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