Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Journal #19: Another LEED Idea

Since meeting with Deanna, and setting my goal on finding as many solutions for implementing more green practices in construction through LEED as my final project, my journal entries will kind of be more and more focused on LEED subjects. At some point (soon) I will start tabulating my problems with the current LEED construction ratings or lack thereof. So in this post I am going to present a couple of ideas that I think could LEED could incorporate in their New Construction rating system.

Innovation in Design is definitely an integral part of the LEED rating system, where architects and designers can headline the green aspect of their building through some unique design aspect. In all my project management/construction courses, value engineering, or finding a better solution than what was planned, has always been highlighted as a staple of a good estimator, planner, or scheduler in construction. LEED could encourage new construction green practices by rewarding them in the rating system. It isn't far fetched at all, as I've already discussed new environmentally friendly aspects of building information management (BIM).

Another concept I thought of was, if LEED starts using regional rating systems, that certain construction practices should be required/encouraged based on location. Temperature, materials availability, rain/sun... these are aspects that could definitely be taken into account when designing a construction system, which I am sure is already commonplace among many regional contractors. Either way, construction practices should absolutely be considered when thinking of regional rating systems.

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Deanna said...

I like how you are addressing your project in the journal. I might need to use this in the future.

the regional issue is definitely one to continue examining.