Thursday, October 20, 2011


Man somehow survived the double earthquakes today and caught some of the pens game. Really great to see the pens put out a dominating performance, you guys. DJ is a personal fav, great to see him back, and of course free candy.

Listen man, I was super pumped about adding Paul Martin a year ago. This guy, with Coach Z, were gonna introduce a golden age of Pens D. Obvi, last year got pretty rough with the offense going to the guillotine. But the D was still spectacular. A lot of this was focused on Brooks, Z and Tanger who shut it down. P-Mart, even though strong, was supposed to flourish under Danny Balls' high tempo game where his puck handling skills, ever present in American defensemen, would explode into a puck handling fiesta. This didn't happen too much as the most he touched the puck was sometimes working the point on the PP.

Tonight this dude was awesome. He was pinching and flying through the habs zone. He must've had 5 incredible keeps on the blue line. Z struggled and took some penalties, so P-Mart had to re-up on the PK, but played high energy the whole game. I was super impressed, and hope that the incredible P Mart will show up on a regular basis.

Man. Go Pens.

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Jonny Gould said...

Man, my head is spinning. That was a lot of nicknames.