Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Bugs

For a couple of months we have been on and off bothered by these tiny flying cockroach things. They would disappear when we tried a new bug killing method, but would return soon after. Today I found their home.

I went to fill up the coffee pot, and right when I pulled it out there was like five roaches plus some baby roaches. God damn. Then they scurried under the coffee machine... through the little holes, where I took a close look and promptly barfed. Goodbye Mr. Coffee. I wish it had been the salad machine.


Skizzler said...

time for a burr grinder + french press, ultimate coffee combo!

Johnny Barleycorn said...

Joey's got it!

Zed said...

We too have many cockroaches at our apartment. I've been told this is just a by-product of Sydney's weather conditions.

I am almost too terrified to find out where they are living. I'd rather not know.